Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Milani Lip Flash Lipstick Pencil

So I was on a Milani kick and also picked up this lip pencil.  There are a bunch of other Milani items I plan to pick up so you will be seeing more reviews from me soon.

This is the Lip Flash lipstick pencil. Wow...can you say bright! I picked up 04- photo flash. The site says that it is Fuchsia with gold and fuchsia shimmer.  It is definitely a hot pink color.  I personally love hot pink so this was calling my name.  And it is PACKED with glitter. I applied it on my lips and it went on really smooth. It has a lot of glitter but doesn't really feel gritty.  Although it is more of a lipstick formula than gloss it goes on like a satin lipstick with loads of glitter. I like it more glossy so I add a clear gloss over.  It really makes the glitter pop even more. I really liked this pencil so I plan to pick up some more shades. It's not wearable for daily use since it has so much glitter but is great for a night time look.  I also tried out the Hard Candy pencils, I will do a review soon.  And I would say that I like the Milani version is better. It is a hard stick so easy to apply and yet still deposits a true color.  

The glitter did not photograph well, but the color seems pretty accurate from the first pic.  The second is to try to see the glitter.  If you are not shy, go for it. It's a great color and the tons of glitter is awesome.

I got mine at Target, but you can also get it at CVS. The link to the Milani site is:]

This is the site description: The electric lip look is defined with highly pigmented flashy shimmer colors. Create news worthy lips with extra glossy, high color coverage and moisture rich ingredients. A sharpenable, easy to use, anti-feathering and nontacky lip gloss pencil.

They are reasonably priced at 6.99.  

Overall, I give them an A.


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