Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nail of the Day: China Glaze For Audrey

So I had been reluctant to actually buy this polish. Not sure why, but I figured it was a shade I could easily find a dupe for. Well, I never really found anything, and so I went ahead and snatched it up. And, I'm glad, cause I love it. I love China Glaze polishes, they apply well, have great formulas and the bottle design is nice. Oh, and they are not expensive at all. I used two coats in this picture. It applied nicely, formula was good, not too thick or watery. Typically a cream needs 3 coats to get it even but not in this case. Once again my picture does not do it justice. It is supposed to be close to the blue in the Tiffanys packaging. I would say it's pretty close. It's not a true blue as my picture shows, it's a tad dustier with a little bit of grey. Amazing color!  Sorry the application is not perfect. I am lazy and don't usually go back to clean up the edges.


  1. I have been wanting this color! I keep seeing it everywhere on blogs =) Its so pretty!

    And that application looks pretty perfect to me...my polish application is usually pretty horrendous haha

    <3 Melanie @ http://beauty.adorability.org

  2. @Melanie Thanks! Yes I say definitely get it it's an awesome color! Really glad I caved and got it. I've gotten a few compliments at work on it. LOL! I am sure your application is not horrendous! But thanks for the compliment! :)